This is Wilton Academy as it was in the 1890s.  When I attended in 1950 a wing had been added and by the time I graduated in 1954 there was a new gymnasium. This was a true academy: a private school with its own board of trustees, but the school district paid the tuition for residents. Many students from outside Wilton paid for the privilege of studying here.  In the fifties the house next door served as a rooming house for teachers.  We lived "five houses down".

I enrolled in the classical course, which included both French and Latin, but took all the classes for the scientific course as well. I received a regular and a post-graduate diploma in 1954: the latter being recognition that I had completed the equivalent of five years of work in four years.

In the push for consolidation (or as my reticent uncle put it, State Blackmail)  the academy was closed and Wilton students had to settle for a consolidated high school located nine miles away in Farmington, Maine, home of our hated cross-county rival.   The academy building was then used as a junior high. Then it burned down. It has been rebuilt in brick and is now known as the Academy Hill school.

Someone now wants to list me in an alumni directory for Mount Blue High School.  I know nothing about it. I did not attend it. I certainly did not graduate from it. This is the educational equivalent of being a stateless person.