TO: Teacher Training Institutions and State Certified Textbook Publishers

SUBJECT: Secondary School Science Curriculum Development

In light of recent changes in the state law regarding new requirements for fairness in the teaching of scientific theories, the Board encourages and will accept for review any and all science texts and/or unit materials which cover the following subject matters:

A. General Science/Earth Science

  1. Unbiased comparisons of flat earth and global earth theories. All relevant historical and ecclesiastical authority for the former should be included.
  2. Astronomy units which include a full treatment of pre-Copernican astronomy and scientific astrology. Materials should include evidence for a geocentric universe with celestial spheres, evidence for the effects of the stars and planets on human affairs, and a thorough study of the characteristics of the seven planets. Study the transcripts of the inquisitions of Galileo Galilei and Giordano Bruno.
  3. A geology unit to determine the age of the universe from internal analysis of religious texts and a review of geological principles in the resulting time frame. The effects of the worldwide flood should be considered.
B. Chemistry
  1. Study the concept of chemical change as a result of Aristotelian affinities· This should be compared and contrasted with the explanations offered by phlogiston theory.
  2. A unit which conducts the student through an unbiased inquiry into the feasibility of alchemical transmutation of base metals into gold. The role of the philosopher's stone should be clearly elucidated.
  3. Present materials relevant to an unbiased inquiry into the charge that space exploration has been faked with special effects.
C. Physics
  1. Compare Newton's laws of motion with those of Aristotle using only home-made laboratory

  2. equipment. The day to day practical utility of Aristotle's theory should be emphasized.
  3. Compare and contrast Hindu Maya, Bishop Berkeley's idealism, Plato's theory of forms, and quantum theory.
  4. Apply time and distance formulae to the solution of Zeno's paradoxes.
D. Biology
  1. Summarize and compare all creation myths including those of the ancient Greeks, Teutons, and Hindus as well as the creation myths of major non-Judeo-Christian world religions. Show why the story of creation given in Genesis is true and prove that the others are merely myths.
  2. Study scientific creationism based solely on the Authorized version (King James) of Genesis, show why it is superior to modern theories, and explain why it is not an oxymoron. This unit should demonstrate the superior explanatory power of scientific creationism when applied to the following problem areas:
  1. Introduce students to ideas of organic evolutionary theory as expounded by Lamarck, Darwin, and Lysenko. A discussion of the so called genetic code should focus on the desirability of such a development from the moral standpoint.

Satire by Joseph Chiaravalloti, copyright 1976 in an Arkansas version. Current edition copyright 1999.  This document is relevant to a West Virginia proposal to give 50% of school science time to creation     science (creation physics, chemistry, etc.).  Clearly we are going to need some new textbooks.