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I have one brother, Jim, and sister-in-law, his long-suffering wife, Kathy.  They have four children, my nieces and nephews.  Cindi, Scott , Gino (wife, Diana, son, Nicholas). Diana in West Palm Beach, (husband, Erik and daughter, Erika).

Portrait of Grandfather Guiseppe with my brother and me. Contact me.
I have a wife Traudi (see music entry) and three children: Tony  and wife, Laura, in Providence, RI, Martin   and wife, Nora, in Punta Gorda (Dina and Martin jr.), and Jeanette  ( Derek,  Dustin,   Chelsea),

and husband, Richard. in Cambridge, IL.  See Portrait of Author's Family for all of these and grand-children.

My father's generation is survived only by my Uncle Tony's widow, my Aunt Mary, who is doing very well in Wilton, Maine.  My cousins are Frank the godfather <pifrank@shore.netin> Massachusetts, Donna in New York, Antoinette in Newport, and Bettina in Farmington.

Since the family was always very strict about male primogeniture, my cousin Frank, the youngest of our generation, as son of the elder brother, is now the Godfather.