Billboards for God

Increasingly, it would appear, God has entered the advertising and
public relations business full tilt.  No church is too humble to sport a
backlit sign that would not be out of place advertising the current
specials of a family restaurant or a KFC store.  Instead of pushing the
steaks and chops, God is increasingly pushing lowest common denominator
pop theology.

Bergt Realistic Angel“Forbidden fruits
Many Jams”

 “Great Math
1 cross
+ 3 nails
= 4 given”

God has apparently published a student handbook of such sentiments for the convenience of clergy whose inspiration has failed them, or for university students to choose for their local student center divine ad campaign.

Why blame God for the inanity of his humble servants?  Well, for starters they say that by their fruits you shall know them (when we’re not getting into jams).  In the second place the denominations that post these amazing homilies tend to believe that the bible is the literal word of God, and that they speak in his name as divinely inspired.
Surely He is responsible for the ad hoc theological cookbooks from which this deathless prose is promulgated.
Art  by  Bergt <>

In a community with a light pollution ordinance, the bright white signs
with moveable black type would not only be in bad taste; they would be
illegal.  These signs spew out enough white light to brighten the sky in
a way that is visible for blocks, especially in an otherwise dimly lit
residential neighborhood.  There are light signs that spill less surplus
light because the letters are bright and the background is a darker
color.  Although garish in their own right, the reverse illuminated
signs have much less light spillage.  There is an auxiliary benefit: the
text is relatively fixed and limited to hours for services and the name
of the church and pastor.  No handbook is needed to operate it.

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